I don’t plan on posting Nuclear Throne animations until we’re done with the game, but here’s one I can’t resist posting any longer. 

The Allies’ spawn animation has gone through a lot of iterations before I got to this one, and it’s by far my favourite animation in the game. 

I’ve included the frames seperately so you can get a clear look at it. I really enjoyed making all the individual frames in this one. 



Mega Coin Squad

Developer: @BigPixelStudios
System: Windows, Mac, Linux

Description: ”Mega Coin Squad is a fast-paced action-platformer for between one to four players. Combining lightning-fast controls with over-the-top arcade-style action, Mega Coin Squad is intense!

Take on the single player campaign mode, traversing across a range of procedurally generated landscapes collecting thousands of coins, and seeking to retrieve the 4 unique Mega Coins. Or battle it out in the variety of local multiplayer modes, and use any means necessary to collect, steal and bank more coins than your opponents.”

This looks so fun!!!!